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Extended Teams for long-term collaborations

Our Extended Teams is a package consisting of a team of software engineers and technical project management who can solve major tasks independently in collaboration with you. The team can consist of just two developers and a quarter of a project manager, or be a larger team of, for example, twenty software engineers who are divided into several Squads. For example, one Squad could be for frontend, one for backend, one for testing and one for data management.

Our Extended Teams model aims to ensure stable progress and save your organization as much time and costs as possible. You can contact us to hear more about our specialized Extended Team collaboration model and the Onboarding process. Our collaboration model and practice are based on our experience with collaborations with Danish customers over the past 16 years.

Minor consulting tasks

For customers who want to start with a smaller project, we offer hourly collaboration where it is about solving a specific task without it costing too much or taking too long. We hold an online meeting with your technical people where we hear about the task and then we decide together how to continue the collaboration. You will not receive an invoice without our prior agreement. A task can be solved by a single person or solved by collaboration between several people with different skills.


We provide services within software development (SaaS and IoT), project management, Quality Engineering, DevOps and cloud. We deliver software development within cloud, desktop, web, mobile apps and IoT devices. We also provide requirements specifications, documentation and mockups and work with agile tools and platforms. Here is the overview of our Tech Stack.

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