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TEO has over 100 Danish companies on its customer list. Our customers are software houses and IT departments.
The average customer commitment is 6 years.


Technologies: NET, Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS

One of the leading taxi systems in Denmark, Dantaxi has existed since 1937. Their taxis are computer dispatched using the latest technology available in the industry, and they provide a dependable and courteous service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TEO created the design and development of their iOS and Android apps from scratch. Along with apps, TEO developed an extensive backend for reporting and analytics tools and an admin dashboard where the clients get reports and analytics about bookings, accounts, sales, and more.


Technologies: C#, .NET , Postgres SQL, React JS – Typescript

Octogrid is an innovative company that focuses on transitioning to a more sustainable and effective real-time monitoring and forecasting performance of electric transformers and grids, avoiding congestion and reducing costs through data analysis.

TEO developed an app for Octogrid, providing a comprehensive view of all assets, including the details of their corresponding events. It allows users to monitor sensors and activities, ensuring smooth operations and facilitating prompt responses to events or issues.


Technologies: Microsoft .NET, iOS, Swift, Azure Cloud

Hørkram Foodservice A/S is a leading food service market supplier and one of Denmark’s three largest catering wholesalers.

TEO developed a sales mobile app for Hørkram’s sales team to see the customer’s status on an item without contacting the office and also got a visual overview of the map of customers, prospects, and prospects in an area.


Technologies: iOS, iPad, and Swift

TEO developed an iOS app for EDC. The app provides real estate agents with in-depth data for all properties listed with EDC, along with their history, images, tabular data and graphical data.

This is a step towards a paperless environment and information automation for them as they get relevant information such as images, documents, seller info, buyer info, event planning, follow-ups, sales preparation, sales presentation, price and much more. The EDC Mobile Broker App works both online and offline and provides ease of use for the brokers.


Technologies: iOS, Swift

TEO developed an iOS app for FOSS with the aim of providing an interface between FOSS hardware for the analysis of dairy-based products.

The app includes filtering the samples by their ingredients and in-depth analysis of nutritional data displayed as tables and graphs. The app was developed for the iOS platform, integrated with backend services from FOSS.



Gyldendal is Denmark’s second oldest and by far the largest publisher. The publishing house was founded in 1770. In 2012 it had a turnover of 855.7 million and employed 513 employees.

TEO facilitated the IT department at Gyldendal on several projects with a dedicated team comprising of diverse competencies for 3 years. The team worked for various business units of Gyldendal including education, business, publication, royalty system, finance system, warehouse & printing, webshops, CRM system, and various Sitecore websites.

Customers prioritize flexible and efficient solutions

Our customers want skills, flexibility, and competitive prices. It takes time and resources to train and retain developers yourself, and many of our customers find it more efficient and flexible to choose us as a permanent external supplier in addition to their internal core teams.

Many customers start with a smaller project, which falls naturally under our collaboration model -this was also the case for some of our most extended working relationships and, in some cases, mentioned.

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